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  Compassionate use of bevacizumab (Avastin) in children and young adults with
refractory or recurrent solid tumors.
  Bevacizumab-induced transient remodeling of the vasculature in neuroblastoma
xenografts results in improved delivery and efficacy of systemically administered
  Proteomics Approaches to the Systems Biology of Cardiovascular Diseases
  Pre- and post-natal treatment of hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis.
  Lack of early bevacizumab-related skeletal radiographic changes in children with
  Interleukin-4 activates androgen receptor through CBP/p300
  Trisomy 8 in an allogeneic stem cell transplant recipient representative of a
donor-derived constitutional abnormality.
  Disruption of diacylglycerol metabolism impairs the induction of T cell anergy
  T cell anergy is reversed by active Ras and is regulated by diacylglycerol kinase-
  High-dose conformal RT improves tumor control in patients with prostate cancer
  Vitamin D concentration does not affect the risk of prostate cancer
  Liver resection with salvage transplantation for hepatocellular carcinoma
  The impact of histopathologic diagnosis on the proper management of testis neoplasms
  Prostate stem cell antigen is associated with diffuse-type gastric cancer
  Multiple myeloma: high-risk immunophenotypes identified
  Increased c-kit expression predicts poor outcome in acute myeloid leukemia
  Global Analysis of the Meiotic Crossover Landscape
  Serum Response Factor Is Required for Sprouting Angiogenesis and Vascular Integrity
  Integrin Trafficking Regulated by Rab21 Is Necessary for Cytokinesis
  Reduced Translocation of Nascent Prion Protein During ER Stress Contributes to
  Effects of oral niacin on endothelial dysfunction in patients with coronary artery disease:
Results of the randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled INEF study.
  Global experiences with vardenafil in men with erectile dysfunction and underlying

  Noninvasive cardiac imaging: implications for risk assessment in adolescents and young
  Transforming growth factor beta1 T29C gene polymorphism and hypertension:
Relationship with cardiovascular and renal damage.
  A comparison of hormone therapies on the urinary excretion of prostacyclin and
thromboxane A2.
  Repair of an infected aortic aneurysm using an aortic allograft and a venous autograft:
Report of a case.
  Circulating Leptin and Stress-induced Cardiovascular Activity in Humans.
  Effects of aspirin dose on ischaemic events and bleeding after percutaneous coronary
intervention: insights from the PCI-CURE study.
  Long-term cardiovascular outcomes following ischemic heart disease in patients with and
without peripheral vascular disease.
  Reduced renal function and sleep-disordered breathing in community-dwelling elderly
  Intracoronary pharmacotherapy in the management of coronary microvascular
  Inhibition of platelet aggregation by combined therapy with aspirin and cilostazol after
off-pump coronary artery bypass surgery.
  Inhibition of CCR2 Ameliorates Insulin Resistance and Hepatic Steatosis in db/db Mice

Abstract 要求简洁,连贯
  The acquisition of metastatic ability by tumor cells is considered a late event in the
evolution of malignant tumors. We report that untransformed mouse mammary cells that
have been engineered to express the inducible oncogenic transgenes MYC and KrasD12, or
polyoma middle T, and introduced into the systemic circulation of a mouse can bypass
transformation at the primary site and develop into metastatic pulmonary lesions upon
immediate or delayed oncogene induction. Therefore, previously untransformed
mammary cells may establish residence in the lung once they have entered the
bloodstream and may assume malignant growth upon oncogene activation. Mammary
cells lacking oncogenic transgenes displayed a similar capacity for long-term residence in
the lungs but did not form ectopic tumors.
  Almost two decades after CFTR was identified as the gene responsible for cystic fibrosis
(CF), we still lack answers to many questions about the pathogenesis of the disease, and it
remains incurable. Mice with a disrupted CFTR gene have greatly facilitated CF studies,
but the mutant mice do not develop the characteristic manifestations of human CF,
including abnormalities of the pancreas, lung, intestine, liver, and other organs. Because
pigs share many anatomical and physiological features with humans, we generated pigs
with a targeted disruption of both CFTR alleles. Newborn pigs lacking CFTR exhibited
defective chloride transport and developed meconium ileus, exocrine pancreatic
destruction, and focal biliary cirrhosis, replicating abnormalities seen in newborn humans

with CF. The pig model may provide opportunities to address persistent questions about
CF pathogenesis and accelerate discovery of strategies for prevention and treatment.
  Variable lymphocyte receptors (VLRs) rather than antibodies play the primary role in
recognition of antigens in the adaptive immune system of jawless vertebrates.
Combinatorial assembly of leucine-rich repeat (LRR) gene segments achieves the
required repertoire for antigen recognition. We have determined a crystal structure for a
VLR-antigen complex, VLR RBC36 in complex with the H-antigen trisaccharide from
human blood type O erythrocytes, at 1.67 angstrom resolution. RBC36 binds the
H-trisaccharide on the concave surface of the LRR modules of the solenoid structure
where three key hydrophilic residues, multiple van der Waals interactions, and the highly
variable insert of the carboxyl-terminal LRR module determine antigen recognition and
specificity. The concave surface assembled from the most highly variable regions of the
LRRs, along with diversity in the sequence and length of the highly variable insert, can
account for the recognition of diverse antigens by VLRs.
  A 51-year-old man with a diagnosis of myelodysplasia and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma
underwent an unmatched allogenic bone marrow transplantation and was treated
posttransplant with chronic immunosuppressive medication. Eight months following
transplantation, he presented with progressive dysarthria, cognitive and visual decline.
Evaluation included brain magnetic resonance (MR) imaging demonstrating multifocal
areas of increased T2 and FLAIR (fluid attenuated inversion recovery) signals involving
the left frontal, parietal, and occipital lobes. The MR lesions demonstrated diffuse
increased signal on DWI (diffusion-weighted images) and normal to low signal on ADC
(apparent diffusion coefficients). Contrast-enhanced T1 images were unremarkable.
Lumbar puncture revealed a mild elevation in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) protein. CSF
PCR assay for viral DNA fragments were negative on two occasions. Serum serology for
HIV was negative as well. A brain biopsy was subsequently performed. The clinical and
neuroimaging differential diagnoses as well as neuropathologic correlation are presented.
  In vitro-generated mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) initially attracted interest for their
ability to undergo differentiation toward cells of different lineages.
  These results suggested that
  However, there are still obstacles in
  The major challenge for successful drug development is identifying delivery strategies
that can be translated to the clinic.
  This review will discuss progress in developing and testing small RNAi-based drugs and
potential obstacles.
  This review highlights what
  In addition, there are indications that
  Proper consideration of all of these issues will be necessary in
  These studies provide
  This paper presents the potential applications and the hurdles facing anti-HCV siRNA
  The present review provides insight into the feasible therapeutic strategies of siRNA
technology, and its potential for silencing genes associated with HCV disease.

  A basic problem in the design of xx is presented by the choice of a xx rate for the
measurement of experimental variables.
  This paper examines a new measure of xx in xx based on fuzzy mathematics which
overcomes the difficulties found in other xx measures.
  This paper describes a system for the analysis of the xx.
  The method involves the construction of xx from fuzzy relations.
  The procedure is useful in analyzing how groups reach a decision.
  The technique used is to employ a newly developed and versatile xx algorithms.
  The usefulness of xx is also considered.
  A brief methodology used in xx is discussed.
  The analysis is useful in xx and xx problem.
  A model is developed for a xx analysis using fuzzy matrices.
  Algorithms to combine these estimates and produce a xx are presented and justified.
  The use of the method is discussed and an example is given.
  Results of an experimental applications of this xx analysis procedure are given to
illustrate the proposed technique.
  This paper analyses problems in
  This paper outlines the functions carried out by ...
  This paper includes an illustration of the ...
  This paper provides an overview and information useful for approaching
  Emphasis is placed on the construction of a criterion function by which the xx in
achieving a hierarchical system of objectives are evaluated.
  The main emphasis is placed on the problem of xx
  Our proposed model is verified through experimental study.
  The experimental results reveal interesting examples of fuzzy phases of : xx,xx
  The compatibility of a project in terms of cost, and xx are likewise represented by
linguistic variables.
  A didactic example is included to illustrate the computational procedure
Introduction 引证核心文献,提出假设,指出文章的核心观点
  Over the course of the past 30 years, .. has emerged form intuitive
  We evaluated 508 participants who
  Acute kidney injury (AKI) is associated with an increased incidence of respiratory failure
requiring mechanical ventilation, which greatly increases mortality
  The cause of respiratory failure in patients with AKI is incompletely understood
  However, lung injury also occurs after ischemia–reperfusion injury of other organs such
as the liver, gut, and hind limb
  We have demonstrated previously that
  Given this background, we hypothesized that
  we demonstrate that
  Technological revolutions have recently hit the industrial world
  The advent of ... systems for has had a significant impact on the

  The development of ... is explored
  The concept of xx was investigated quite intensively in recent years
  There has been a turning point in ... methodology in accordance with the advent of ...
  A major concern in ... today is to continue to improve...
  It has become increasingly clear that
  In this paper, we focus on the need for
  This paper proceeds as follow.
  The structure of the paper is as follows.
Our study
  In this paper, we shall first briefly introduce…
  To begin with we will provide a brief background on the
  This will be followed by a description of the xx of the problem and a detailed
presentation of how the required membership functions are defined.
  Details on xx and xx are discussed in later sections.
  Polyphenolic compounds are vasodilators and help to lower the risk of cardiovascular
  Taken together, our novel findings suggest that the EDR induced by the strawberry
extract was mediated by activation of the PI3 kinase/Akt signaling pathway, resulting in
phosphorylation of eNOS.
Objective / Goal / Purpose
  The purpose of the inference engine can be outlined as follows:
  The ultimate goal of the xx system is to allow the non;experts to utilize the existing
knowledge in the area of manual handling of loads, and to provide intelligent,
computer;aided instruction for xxx.
  The paper concerns the development of a xx
  The scope of this research lies in
  The main theme of the paper is the application of rule;based decision making.
  These objectives are to be met with such thoroughness and confidence as to permit ...
  The objectives of the ... operations study are as follows:
  The primary purpose/consideration/objective of
  The ultimate goal of this concept is to provide
  The main objective of such a ... system is to
  The aim of this paper is to provide methods to construct such probability distribution.
  In order to achieve these objectives, an xx must meet the following requirements:
  In order to take advantage of their similarity
  more research is still required before final goal of ... can be completed
  In this trial, the objective is to generate...
  for the sake of concentrating on ... research issues
  A major goal of this report is to extend the utilization of a recently developed procedure
for the xx.
  For an illustrative purpose, four well;known OR problems are studied in presence of
fuzzy data: xx.

  This illustration points out the need to specify
  Recent studies have further defined the role of SBP-2 in promoting UGA read-through,
  This concept has been further validated with the discovery of patients with impaired
deiodinase activity due to a mutation in SBP-2
  The ultimate goal is both descriptive and prescriptive.
  A wealth of information is to be found in the statistics literature, for example, regarding
  This review will focus on the most recent progress achieved in this field, particularly the
cellular and molecular aspects of local control of thyroid hormone signaling provided by
  A considerable amount of research has been done .. during the last decade
  A great number of studies report on the treatment of uncertainties associated with xx.
  There is considerable amount of literature on planning
  However, these studies do not provide much attention to undertainty in xx.
  Since then, the subject has been extensively explored and it is still under investigation as
well in methodological aspects as in concrete applications.
  Many research studies have been carried out on this topic.
  Problem of xx draw recently more and more attention of system analysis.
  Attempts to resolve this dilemma have resulted in the development of
  Many complex processes unfortunately, do not yield to this design procedure and have,
therefore, not yet been automated.
  Most of the methods developed so far are deterministic and /or probabilistic in nature.
  The central issue in all these studies is to
  The problem of xx has been studied by other investigators, however, these studies have
been based upon classical statistical approaches.
  Applied ... techniques to
  Characterized the ... system as
  Developed an algorithm to
  Developed a system called ... which
  Uses an iterative algorithm to deduce
  Emphasized the need to
  Identifies six key issues surrounding high technology
  A comprehensive study of the .. has been undertaken
  Much work has been reported recently in these filed
  State that
  Point out that the problem of
  Has shown / showed

  A study on ...was done / developed by []
  Previous work, such as [] and [], deal only with
  The approach taken by [] is
  The system developed by [] consists
  A paper relevant to this research was published by []
  []'s model requires consideration of ..
  []' model draws attention to evolution in human development
  []'s model focuses on...
  Little research has been conducted in applying ... to
  The published information that is relevant to this research...
  This study further shows that
  Their work is based on the principle of
  More history of ... can be found in xx et al. [1979].
  Studies have been completed to established
  The ...studies indicated that
  Though application of xx in the filed of xx has proliferated in recent years, effort in
analyzing xx, especially xx, is lacking.

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